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About Tongji University

Tongji Tongji University is located in the northeast part of the Shanghai city, as one of the oldest modern universities in China; Tongji was established in 1907 by the German government together with German physicians in Shanghai.

Currently, Tongji Medical College has set up Basic Medicine School and Preventive Medicine School (preparation), and five affiliated hospitals in Shanghai: Tongji Hospital, Affiliated Tenth People's Hospital, Affiliated East Hospital (leader of Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform), Affiliated Pulmonary Hospital and Affiliated First Maternity and Infant Health Hospital. Tongji University has built up extensive exchanges and cooperation with the platform and provides the support of academic and service in Shanghai medical care and Shanghai medical tourism market.

The university now registers over 70,000 students at all levels from certificate and diploma courses to Bachelor's Degrees, Master's, Ph.D. programs and post doctoral attachments. There are over 4,200 academic staff for teaching and/or research, among whom there are 6 Members of Chinese Academy of Science, 7 Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, over 530 professors and 1,300 associate professors. The university offers diverse courses in its 81 Bachelors Degrees, 151 Masters, 58 PhD programs and 13 post doctoral mobile stations.

The north teaching building in Siping campus

The north teaching building in Siping campus The university is active in promoting cooperation and exchanges with other countries. It has established links with Australia , Austria , Canada , France , Germany , Japan , Switzerland , UK and USA in the fields of education, science, technology and economics. A number of international joint programs have been established between the university and its counterparts in other countries in recent years. In 2006, the university enrolled 1829 international students.

Tongji University Medical College

Tongji University Medical College There are five affiliated hospitals, namely, Tongji hospital, Shanghai No. 10 People's Hospital, Shanghai East Hospital, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, and Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Health Hospital.

The Medical School offers undergraduate (five-year program, seven- year program and eight-year program) and graduate programs and awards the students bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. The school has a faculty of 157 teachers, among which 52 are professors or associate professors. The undergraduate students total upto 884 and graduate students amount to 392. The Medical School upholds the conception of "elite education" and "human-oriented" education. Taking advantage of the university's highly diversified academic resources, advanced teaching facilities and superior academic strengths in humanities and sciences, the Medical School is committed to developing quality students with innovative thinking and comprehensive knowledge of humanities, sciences and medicine by working together with international partners and inviting famous experts to lecture the students.

In line with the university's triune education objective of building the student's knowledge, ability and personality, the Medical School has set up a guideline for its medical education, which emphasizes the establishment of quality endurances and improvement system for teaching, the education highlighting clinical training and social service, the students' innovation and international cooperation in education.