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About UC Davis

About UC Davis

UC Davis has made significant contribution in the global medical field of academic and clinical. The sound UC Davis Health System has brought the gospel for medical education and community health services. Furthermore, the school has a wide range of cooperation and exchanges with Shanghai, and provides academic and clinical support for Shanghai Medical Tourism and Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform (SHMTPPP).

UC Davis is one of the nation's top public research universities. As one of 10 campuses of the world's pre-eminent public university system, the University of California, are located in the heart of the Central Valley, close to the state capital and San Francisco Bay Area. UC Davis lays claim to being one of the few remaining college towns where we cherish our close relationships on campus and within the Davis community.

Academics at UC Davis challenge, stimulate and inspire. UC Davis offers more than 100 undergraduate majors and 80 graduate programs — the largest variety on any University of California campus. Many of their programs are nationally ranked — not surprising when you consider the number of internationally known, award-winning faculty who bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom.

About UC Davis Medical Center

About UC Davis Medical Center UC Davis Medical Center serves a 65,000-square-mile area that includes 33 counties and 6 million residents across Northern and Central California. The acute-care teaching hospital is licensed for 613 beds and maintains an annual budget of roughly $1 billion.

With more than 6,500 employees, UC Davis provides vital care to more than 200,000 patients every year, admitting 25,000 patients for extended care and handling more than 900,000 visits. The medical center's emergency room sees an average of 150 patients every day.

As the region's only academic medical center, UC Davis Health System is charged with discovering and sharing knowledge and providing the highest quality care to people. Through its entities — UC Davis Medical Center, UC Davis Medical Group, UC Davis School of Medicine, and the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing — the health system works to advance health both in the local community and around the globe.

The mission of the UC Davis Health System is discovering and sharing knowledge to advance health. They pursue the mission through the education of physicians, medical investigators and other health-care providers; research into new medical knowledge and applying it to the health challenges that face our world; and patient care and public service for their local and global community.

UC Davis Health System aspires to be a health-care provider of choice for our community, offering leadership and achieving excellence in medical education, state-of-the-art research and high-quality, compassionate clinical care. They are a diverse community of faculty, staff, trainees and partners, collaborating to shape the future of medicine through innovative scientific discovery, continuous learning and state-of-the-art clinical care.

UC Davis Health System is a community and national treasure, offering internationally recognized, leading-edge discovery; training the next generation of doctors and investigators; and providing outstanding comprehensive clinical care and public service.

UC Davis Health System has a bold vision for a bright future — a future in which every one enjoys a healthy life. Every day, the people of UC Davis Health System work collaboratively and tirelessly to secure improved health for future generations. Together, UC Davis faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and community partners are shaping the future of science, nursing, medicine and health.

In February 2010, the health system launched a strategic planning endeavor that will serve as a roadmap to the future. This website is aimed at fostering collaboration among all members of the health system community in developing the strategic plan.

About UC Davis School of Medicine

About UC Davis Medical Center A national reputation for life-changing biomedical discoveries, a passion for clinical care, and a commitment to engaging people from underserved communities are the hallmarks of a UC Davis School of Medicine education.

The students are leaders who appreciate rigorous academic training balanced with hands-on experience, and have a strong desire to serve. Their faculties specialize in translational research covering a wide range of areas and are engaged in innovative, interdisciplinary collaborations, both within the UC Davis community and with other highly regarded institutions.

In 2010, U.S. News & World Report ranks UC Davis School of Medicine among the top 20 schools for primary care training and the top 50 schools for research. The school is affiliated with UC Davis Medical Center, one of the nation’s best teaching hospitals.

Since its founding in 1966, UC Davis School of Medicine continues to have a major impact in Northern California and around the world through education of new physicians, research, patient care and community service.

UC Davis School of Medicine has developed a national reputation for its specialty and primary care programs.