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Key Personals

Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform (SHMTPPP) was launched in the support of multi-government agencies and aimed at promoting Shanghai as a world-class destination for advanced patient care.

The administrators and staff of SHMTPPP buildup an efficient and professional team to provide service for overseas patients, governments, employers, hospitals, medical tourism facilitators, insurance providers, hotels, restaurants, airlines and travel agencies.

The key personals of SHMTPPP are the leaders of China medical tourism industry with extensive medical knowledge, rich management experience, strong overseas background and senior research on industry. Their brief introductions are followed:

Dr. John Yang, MD, MBA Co Founder and CEO China Medical Tourism Inc. Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform

Dr. John Yang is in the leadership position of Medical Tourism in China. Over the past decade, he was actively involved in the international patient services and hospital management.

Dr. John Yang gained MD degree from Tongji Medical University, China, and has practiced as a general surgeon in Wuhan Central Hospital.

In 1998, to be more qualified as healthcare management administration specialist, he went to University of New Brunswick, Canada for MBA program.

He has worked in North America for 6 years, and is very familiar with the health insurance system in China and US, Canada.

Dr. John Yang is fluent in English and German.

Dr. Ping Hu MD, MBA General Manager China Medical Tourism Inc. Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform

Dr. Hu is an outstanding leader in the Chinese medical tourism industry; she is also the co-founder of Chinese largest health & medical Group (Ciming Checkup Group), mainly in charge of Shanghai Ciming operations. Now she is the general manager of China Medical Tourism Inc.

Dr. Hu has great educational background from Chinese medical school and EMBA program of Jiao Tong University. She is an experienced and well trained specialist in healthcare and business management, and she is focusing on the outbound medical tourism sector, her top destinations are Korea, Japan, Swiss, and the United States.