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Medical Tourism Associations

Several medical tourism associations were formed in the past few years as a response to the fast growth of the medical tourism industry.

Here is a list of some of the prominent ones:

Medical Tourism Association (MTA)

Medical Tourism Association (MTA) The Medical Tourism Association (Medical Travel Association), also known as the Global Healthcare Association, is the first international non-profit association made up of the top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients in a global environment.

Their Mission:

  • Increase the awareness for the high quality of medical facilities accessible in several countries.
  • Uphold transparency in quality, pricing and patient security while providing global medical services.
  • Present an impartial source of information and education for patients, insurance companies and employers regarding best hospitals, their quality of care and results.
  • Provide a stable forum for interaction and industry involvement.

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International Medical Travel Association (IMTA)

International Medical Travel Association (IMTA) The International Medical Travel Association aims to enhance and support a sustainable medical travel industry for the benefit of improving international patient care. As an association of global healthcare community leaders, IMTA helps connect providers, patients, employers, insurers and third party brokers. Members are committed to providing the best care for international medical travelers. This association consists of universal medical groups and is based in Singapore.

They intend to develop and uphold a sustainable healthcare travel industry to improve international patient care.

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European Medical Tourism Alliance (EuMTA)

European Medical Tourism Alliance (EuMTA) The European Medical Travel Alliance is a not-for-profit organization with a number of specific and vital functions. They are to:

  • Represent the interests of stakeholders in the growing medical travel industry
  • Harmonize industry activities
  • Become an active industry forum
  • Develop strong political and private sector lobbying capacity in the EU, USA, UK and elsewhere on behalf of its members
  • Improve patient mobility and their free choice of medical provider

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International Association For Medical Assistance For Travelers (IAMAT)

International association for medical assistance for travelers (IAMAT) Its mission is to provide impartial and accurate travel health advice and to coordinate an international network of qualified medical practitioners to assist travellers in need of emergency medical care during their trip.

Its goal is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases by travellers. To advance global health objectives, we want to award more scholarships and grants to healthcare practitioners from developing countries to study, research, and train in the field of travel medicine and health.

Its vision is to live in a world where peace and understanding can be attained through international travel. The friendships gained while travelling often bring about a sense of solidarity and evoke a spirit of cooperation.

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