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About Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ)

Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ) is a new medical scientific zone with the support of National Ministry of Health (MOH) and ratification of Shanghai Municipal Government. It has become a power of strength in making Shanghai as the medical center of Asia.

Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ)

SIMZ has two core industries – advanced medical device manufacturing and modern medical service industry. It covers an area of 11.8 km² , among which, 2.12 km² are public green field.

Centering two core industries, it has into six functional areas:

  1. The International Hospital Center
  2. The Industrial Area for Medical Devices and Biomedicine
  3. The International Medical Campus
  4. The Clinical/Medical Research Park
  5. The International Rehabilitation Center
  6. The International Business Center

The six areas supplement each other in both functions and resources, thus forming the two complete industry chains in harmony - the Modern Medical Services, and the Medical Devices and Bio-medicine manufacture.

Shanghai International Medical Zone (SIMZ)

SIMZ is planned to build into a leading international medical zone in 2012. By then, SIMZ will boast beautiful environment, well-established amenities, easy accessibility, smooth information flow and flexible operating mechanism. It is positioned to be a paradise for innovation and entrepreneurship, and a magnet of leading medical businesses.

It will be a global forum for cutting-edge medical technologies.

It will be a global cradle for the latest medical information.

It will be a global stage for sophisticated medical devices up to date.

With unique geographic location, specific policy support and efficient communication with the government, SIMZ’s growing profile will go beyond Shanghai to cover the whole Yangtze River Delta Region, and underpin Shanghai's aspiration to become a medical center of Asia. Moving ahead, SIMZ will definitely become the destination of first-choice for domestic and international medical companies and investors.

As the cooperative partner of SHMTPPP, SIMZ will become a large-scale and first-ranking Medical Zone in Asia, a veritable “Medical Valley” of the world By 2020. It can provide excellent services and opportunities to patients and facilitators.