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Heart Center

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Dr. Zhongmin Liu M.D., Ph.D Cardiac Surgeon
  • Specialized in congenital heart disease, rheumatic valvular heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart failure, artificial heart and heart and lung transplantation
  • Co-Professor, University Paris Descartes
  • Board member of Asia-Pacific Congress on Disaster Medicine
  • Council member, Council of Chinese Medical Association
  • Standing Committee Member, Cardiovascular Surgeon Society of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
  • Committee member, Chinese Medical Association of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Committee member, Academic Committee of Tongji University
Dr. Qinchuan Li M.D. Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Qinchuan Li is a specialist who experts on surgical treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, thoracic wall disease and mediastinum disease. He is also specialized in surgical and interventional therapy on valve replacement, congenital heart disease correction, coronary artery bypass graft, and large vascular disease.

Li graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University and furthered study in France and the United States. He is now a member of International Endovascular?Therapy Professional Committee.

Dr. Huimin Fan M.D., Ph.D, Associate Professor Cardiac Surgeon

Dr. Huimin Fan is an expert who is specialized in surgical treatment on congenital heart disease, cardiac valvular disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure and pulmonary disease. He has a main interest in surgical treatment of heart failure, heart-lung transplantation immunology and stem cell transplantation.

Fan is associate chief physician of department of cardiothoracic surgery, director of cardiovascular research lab and vice-director of National Research Project. He is a member of International Society of Heart-lung Transplantation and Chinese Association for System Simulation. He is a member of editorial board for Acta Laboratorium Animalis Scientia Sinica, Chinese Journal of Comparative Medicine and Chinese Clinical Journal. He has also published fifty papers in core journals in recent years.

Sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation for two consecutive years.

In charge of two projects sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Science and technology Committee. Participation in five other projects. Recognition of achievement for six projects of provincial level.

Dr. Guohan Chen M.D., Associate Professor Cardiac Surgeon
  • Associate chief physician of department of cardiothoracic surgery
  • Expert on surgical treatment of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, complicated thoracic lung cancer, cardiac valvular disease, coronary artery bypass grafting, congenital heart disease and critical cardiothoracic disease.
  • Graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University
Vascular Surgery
Dr. Qiang Zhang M.D. Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Qiang Zhang is an expert specializing in minimally invasive surgery for vascular disorders. He is chief physician of department of vascular surgery.

Zhang graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University and furthered study in the United States.

Dr. Jin Ge M.D., Associate Professor Vascular Surgeon
  • Associate chief physician of department of vascular surger
  • Specialized in surgical and interventional treatment on vascular disease
  • Graduated from Fourth Military Medical University
Dr. Daifu Zhang M.D. Cardiologist

Dr. Daifu Zhang is an expert in interventional diagnosis and treatment procedure. He specializes in PACT on AMI patients and radiofrequency ablation of atrial fibrillation and implantation of CRT, ICD. He has a special research interest in molecule heart diseases and has published more than 40 articles on the subject in national journals as well as authored and translated 8 professional books in recent years.

Zhang earned his medical degree at Peking Union Medical College and furthered his study in Japan. He is the recipient of the State Council “special allowance expert”. Currently he is director of cardiovascular department at Shanghai East Hospital, member of Shanghai Internal Medical Association, member of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiolog Committee in Shanghai.

Dr. Ying Li M.D., Ph.D, Associated Professor Cardiologist

Dr. Ying Li is an associate chief physician of cardiovascular department in Shanghai East Hospital. She is specialized in the treatment of coronary diseases, hypertension, heart failure and arrhythmia. Especially, she is good at the radiofrequency ablation of rapid arrhythmia and pace-maker implantation. The main topics of her research are focused on heart electrophysiology. Her research projects have earned 1 national and 3 state-level prizes. Now she is doing 6 research projects including national natural foundation ones.

Graduated from Shandong University, Dr. Li furthered study in the United States. She has published more than 30 scientific papers in national and abroad journals and translated one professional book in recent years besides being the co-author of many professional books. She takes the role of Shanghai East Hospital and young commissary of Shanghai cardiology committee of Shanghai Medicine Society.

Dr. Shaowei Zhuang M.D. Cardiologist

Dr. Shaowei Zhuang is an expert specializing in percutaneous coronary intervention, arrhythmia radio-frequency ablation and pacemaker implantation. He has operated 3600 interventional therapy without serious complication and death. Following confirmation medical directory, he has accumulated rich experience in treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, arrhythmia and cardiac failure. He has commenced cardiac pacing and electrophysiology and CHD intervention treatment since 1991, to be one of the doctors in China who dependently carries out radiofrequency catheter ablation, pacemaker implantation and CHD intervention treatment in the earlier stage.

Zhuang graduated from Beijing Medical University and furthered study in Germany and United States. He is now associate chief physician of department of cardiovascular. He acts as an editor for China Journal of Hypertension.