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For Insurance Providers

Shanghai Medical Tourism Products & Promotion Platform (SHMTPPP) is the official portal site of medical tourism in China, supported and granted by multi government agencies.

We have engaged more than 9000 doctors, nurses, paramedics, clinical staff and management professionals to manage over 12000 beds across 20 hospitals in Shanghai and abroad. Our mission is to promote Shanghai as a world-class destination for global medical tourism and provide specialty treatments with relatively low expenses for international patients.

Insurance system is one of the most major segments of the medical tourism industry. Insurance system can ensure international patients go to Shanghai for treatments safely and economically. We need some professional insurance companies to cooperate with us, and share precious client origin with us, which can not only lower the risk of your company, but also save your clients medical expenses.

Any insurance company who wants to join our network, please fill out the following form, we will give a reply within 48 hours.

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