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Why We Choose China for Medical Tourism ?

Till now, international medical tourists have mainly chosen some Southeast Asian countries including China. China does have the following advantages to offer:

Infrastructure: such a long and sustained growing economy has brought about substantial improvements in the overall infrastructure of the whole country, especially in the big cities like Shanghai. In the healthcare sector, it is evidenced by the booming up of new and modern hospital buildings, and the changes are from outside to inside.

Technology: modern medicine depends a lot on technology to accurately diagnose the diseases or even navigate the surgery. Until recently, almost all prestigious hospitals in China are state owned, therefore invested by either the central or the local governments, no money has been spared in the upgrading of facilities and medical instruments, making the technology level of major Chinese hospitals comparable with or even superseding their peers in western countries.

Human Resources: China is most populous country in the world. Its people are industrious, and so China is rich in human resources. The ancient Chinese created the Traditional Chinese Medicine which is still existing and proved effective in treating some illness; since the beginning of 1980’s, China has also educated many medical student according to western standards, some of them have continued their studies researches in the western countries and now returned to China, so most doctors on duty have received good education of western medicine; the large number of patients that the average doctors treat on daily basis have enabled them to be very experienced and skillful in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases;

Affordability: because the majority of Chinese hospitals are state owned, which are intended to “Serve the People”, therefore they are ‘not-for-profit”. When opened up to international patients, this once domestic oriented medical service can be obtained at very attractive costs as well as high ethic standards;

Accessibility: now there are more direct and frequent flights linking major cities of USA/Canada with Shanghai of China than with any other cities in the Asia-Pacific region. 6 American airlines, 2 Canadian airlines, 3 Chinese airlines, have opened or will open direct flights between major cities of USA/Canada and Shanghai of China, thus making North American medical tourists traveling to Shanghai as easy as interstate.

Plus, a visa for China is easier than for many other Asian countries. A normal visitor’s visa will allow you to stay up to 2 months, and you can easily apply for a longer stay visa or have it extended in China. You just need three days for a normal service or one day for an expedite service, and you can either do everything on your own or buy the service of an agent at a little extra charge.

Pleasure: in the year 2006, China was the 4th most popular destination of world travelers (aiming at the 3rd in the year 2008 and expected to be the 1st in this year). China is the hosting country for more and more important international events, such as the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics Games and the 2010 World expo in shanghai. So, even a sightseeing tour to China is becoming more and more popular, not to mention a combination of medical procedure and tour, which will surely be rewarding both physically and spiritually.