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Shanghai Plans to Develop Medical Tourism

Shanghai intends to boost tourism as one of its top priority tasks for 2010, and the metropolitan government is ambitiously seeking to attract 10 million foreign tourists this year.

The city will try to attract more foreign tourists as their number is expected to rise due to good medical technologies and thoughtful services. It is seeking to boost the medical tourism industry, and hopes to increase the number of medical tourists in the near future.

The city plans to offer a range of support programs for foreign medical tourists and improve related rules and regulations to invigorate medical tourism. It will also seek to intensify publicity efforts to attract more foreign patients.

The city plans to develop a set of special tourism products targeting American tourists, which will enable them to visit major tourist attractions where they can experience Chinese food, culture and advanced technology. In 2010, Shanghai is expecting to attract more medical tourists. In the past, the patients were largely from Asian patients, but recently they have diversified and now they come from the UK , the USA and other European countries.

Foreign visitors spent a large million in Shanghai for medical treatment during 2009. Medical tourism has increased rapidly as the quality of medical treatment in the country improved. Foreign patients in Shanghai reportedly spend twice as much money as regular tourists.