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Ciming Health Checkup Center

Shanghai Ciming Dispensary belongs to Beijing Ciming Health Checking Management Co., Ltd., which is the first domestic aircraft carrier in conducting professional linkage health check-up, largest scale and most centers. In addition, Shanghai Ciming Dispensary is a new professional agency in Shanghai combining detection of diseases, promotion of health and management of health.

Shanghai Ciming Dispensary is located in a vast CBD area of Lu Jia Zui-Bund with comfortable surroundings, convenient traffic and graceful space of around 2000 square meter. Clear air, amiable service, easeful environment and warm atmosphere will make you happy during the whole process. Shanghai Ciming Dispensary is as the flagship in East China will gradually radiate the new concept of health management to the Long Triangle Area and all cities in East China in order to let more people enjoy welfare from our high quality health check-up.

"Good Health, Happy Mood" is an updated comprehension of life proposed by Ciming. Different from the normal hospitals in China, The individual space is provided in Ciming. You will enjoy a feeling of being home, there is no time wasting on walking up and down seeking offices, you are guided all the way through by our lovely nurses. And you will never be afraid of the cross-contamination there.

A follow-up face-to-face explanation by our specialists on the checkup results and suggestions for nutrition and physical exercises arrangements for each of the client is another distinctive feature of Ciming. In most cases, lectures on health care and health improvement are available by our specialists for groups afterwards.

Ciming Health Checkup Center supported by an experienced and professional team we established the first health management centre in Shanghai. Our team includes clinical physicians, traditional Chinese medicine experts, nutritionist, psychological consultant, etc. We have a close and long-term relationship with Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Shanghai Institute of Health Care, Shanghai Nutrition Society and Shanghai Institute of Hypertension, etc.

Furthermore, Ciming offers post-checkup services for those who need further medical care such as hospitalizing, personal nutritionist consulting and psychological consulting, etc. There representatives will be at your service whenever you need us.

Ciming guarantees excellent service on all items we offer.

Client service

  • "All-in-one" system is adopted. Only 1.5 hours are needed for routine set.
  • 28-step over-200-item basic health checkup items are also available, which are designed scientific, considerate and attentively and matched with sorts of self option sets, meeting the various needs of people from different genders, ages and walks.
  • The services are from professional medical doctor team composed of experts and doctors with rather rich experiences, exquisite techniques as well as outstanding contributions in the specialty fields from AA or AAA hospitals all over the country. And expert-level final examiners will ensure
  • Perfect health checkup report is available in 3 to 7 working days, illuminating the matters to be paid attention to and providing necessary health care measures and consultations.
  • Health Conclusion Report is available for team clients, with the conclusion and illumination from expert-level authorities, enjoying you with timing planning and easy management toward future health.
  • Ciming Health Information Telephone is available at any time, ready to provide you with health consultation services of all kinds. If there is any problem too significant and difficult to be solved, we will actively call you to present satisfactory replies via telephone within just 24 hours.
  • Close-ended management is utilized towards your health files so as to ensure your privacy protected and for team clients, statistic analyses towards all of the staff checkup data shown as the diagram are available with improvement measure suggested and disease risks pre-warned.
  • The final examiner will provide one-to-one checkup results explanation services for clients and put forward improvement suggestions on dining and sports, etc., helping each client efficiently improve human immunity and prevent disease occurrence.
  • The after-service tracing provided by the Client Service Center of Shanghai Ciming composed by the technique backbones of each section according to the specific situations of the clients’ checkup records and diseases will remind each client of re-checkup after the checkup, tracing the process of diseases and present you further improvement suggestions.
  • Ciming Health Management Center provide targeted guidelines including eelier nutrition, exercise, psychological balance, sub health and diseases, etc. for you by health management expert team.

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