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The Hospitals Co-operated with SHMTPPP

SHMTPPP has listed 20 hospitals in Shanghai, most of which are Level-3A comprehensive hospitals with international advanced level both in hardware and software. In addition equipped with the world's most advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Color Doppler Flow Imaging, Cyberknife, Surgical Navigation systems and other equipments, also has a medical team of multilingual experts with rich experience in international treatment.

Supported and granted by multi-government agencies with " Guide Funds for Service Industry Development " by Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission, SHMTPPP assembles medical expertise of various hospitals, introduces a wealth of international medical management experience, and employs health care workers with long-term clinical experience abroad. SHMTPPP is aimed to make Shanghai hospitals filled with international standards in the concept of hospital care, environment of hospitals, process of seeing doctors, and construct an atmosphere of familiarity and intimacy for patients.

What is Level-3A Hospitals?

According to function of hospitals, Shanghai hospitals are divided into three levels.

Level-1: (with number of beds within 100 and 100) primary hospitals, health centers which are directly provide prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation services to the certain population of a community.

Level-2: (with number of beds between 101 and 500) regional hospitals which provide integrated health services to several communities and undertake some teaching and research.

Level-3: (with number of beds over 501) more than regional hospitals which provide high level of medical and health services and implementation of higher education, research tasks to several regions. After accreditation and according to "Standard Hospital Management at Different Levels", Level-3 hospitals are classified as A, B, C. The division of grades is based on technology, management, equipment condition, scientific research ability by scoring of 1000 points.

So Level-3A Hospitals are most authoritative in China.