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How UC Davis can help you?

  • Receive high-quality individualized care overseen by some of the best minds in medicine.
  • Benefit from the collective expertise of doctors and scientists in dozens of academic disciplines. Besides providing everyday health services, our primary care doctors can help patients access UC Davis specialists in 150 areas of advanced medicine. UC Davis specialists are available when the need arises. Most specialists require a referral from a primary care physician or another specialist.
  • Be among the first to benefit from the latest prevention techniques, treatment options and technologies. Our medical group is part of a system that includes a leading research university, one of America's top medical schools and a highly regarded teaching hospital.
  • Enjoy convenient, patient-focused care and preventative medicine. There are UC Davis Medical Group offices throughout the greater Sacramento area, most with specialists on site or with a direct line to UC Davis faculty specialists in Sacramento.

health resources of UC Davis UC Davis provides health resources to help you collect valuable information about health conditions, disease, treatments and care. This information can help in understanding your health care fully and as you educate yourself about specific symptoms, diagnoses, tests, and treatment plans.

Often our wellness depends on taking preventative measures to reduce the risk of injury or illness in the future, as well as maintenance or "follow up" steps to ensure proper healing and a return to a healthy state.

The health resources do not provide medical advice, or take the place of consultation with a qualified, licensed physician. The content here is for information and reference only, to supplement knowledge gained from dialogue with your health-care professionals, and other research and study you may undertake. This content does not claim to be exhaustive. UC Davis assumes no duty to correct or update resource content that may be provided by external, third party sources. Reliance on any content is solely at the user's risk.